Updating the robotic cell – Schneider Electric

Project background Schneider Electric, a world leader in energy management and automation, wanted to modernize one of its robotized cells dedicated to applying glue to the glass of its electrical cabinets. The main objective of this project was to improve the efficiency and safety of the process, while integrating state-of-the-art technologies to meet production standards. […]

Customized robotic cell

Cellule robotisée avec un robot ABB IRB 6700

The robotized cell: innovation for auality The robotized cell developed by Tech3D is designed to automate the assembly of condensers, a critical stage in the manufacture of hot water cylinders. This precise and reliable cell ensures the uniform application of thermal paste to each condenser, guaranteeing perfect wrapping around the balloon. An optimized production process […]

Robot integration and production process optimization – Viessmann

TECH3D Intégration de robot industriel ABB IRB460

The project Viessmann, a world leader in heating and air-conditioning, was looking to improve its hot water tank manufacturing process. One of the major challenges was to ensure that the spacers were held precisely in position prior to the injection of foam insulation, while managing several product references. Our solution In collaboration with Viessmann, our […]

Automatic gluing station

With its ergonomic design and advanced features, our automatic gluing station integrates seamlessly into the production line, optimising operations while ensuring superior quality in the gluing of your products.

Automatic labelling machine

Our labeller ensures consistent and reliable label application, while offering high production speeds. With its user-friendliness and versatility, our automatic labeller is designed to improve operational efficiency while guaranteeing consistent product labelling quality.

Setting up machines

Our shredding system dedicated to methanisation, an innovative solution for optimising biogas production from organic waste. This precision-engineered system ensures efficient, uniform shredding of raw materials, increasing the yield of the anaerobic digestion process.

Forestry shears

Cutting-edge technology designed for maximum efficiency in forestry operations. Robust, versatile and precise, this shear offers unrivalled performance in cutting and processing wood, while ensuring operator safety.