TECH3D Intégration de robot industriel ABB IRB460
TECH3D Intégration de robot industriel ABB IRB460

Robot integration and production process optimization – Viessmann

The project

Viessmann, a world leader in heating and air-conditioning, was looking to improve its hot water tank manufacturing process. One of the major challenges was to ensure that the spacers were held precisely in position prior to the injection of foam insulation, while managing several product references.

Our solution

In collaboration with Viessmann, our team at Tech3D designed a tailor-made solution by integrating a versatile industrial robot. This robot was programmed to accurately load and unload the spacers, ensuring optimal positioning of the parts prior to the insulation foam injection stage. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, the robot is able to adapt to different product references, offering maximum flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Results and benefits

The integration of this customized robotic solution has brought Viessmann several benefits. Firstly, it improved the accuracy and consistency of spacer positioning, reducing errors and scrap. In addition, productivity was increased by automating this task, allowing operators to concentrate on higher value-added tasks. Finally, the flexibility of the solution enabled Viessmann to efficiently manage multiple product references without compromising the efficiency of the manufacturing process.