Cellule robotisée avec un robot ABB IRB 6700
Cellule robotisée avec un robot ABB IRB 6700

Customized robotic cell

The robotized cell: innovation for auality

The robotized cell developed by Tech3D is designed to automate the assembly of condensers, a critical stage in the manufacture of hot water cylinders. This precise and reliable cell ensures the uniform application of thermal paste to each condenser, guaranteeing perfect wrapping around the balloon.

An optimized production process

The integration of the robotic cell has streamlined Viessmann’s production process. By unloading the condensers into a KTP Box, the system guarantees precise and safe handling of the parts. The robot analyzes the position of each condenser in its box in real time, adjusting its trajectory to pick them up with absolute precision.

A turnkey solution from Tech3D

Tech3D took charge of the entire project, from the initial needs analysis to the training of Viessmann personnel. Mechanical and electrical design, PLC and robot programming, as well as system installation and commissioning were all carried out with great expertise.

The ABB IRB 6700 Robot: Technology at the service of performance

To guarantee maximum efficiency, we chose to use the ABB IRB 6700 robot, renowned for its reliability and versatility. Its precision and ability to adapt to complex production environments make it an ideal choice for this ambitious project.