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Assets in support of
 our clients & partners

    •  Technical skills in constant evolution
    •  A light and flexible structure
    •  Ability to intervene on very short notice
    •  Intervention on a place in full-autonomy (work station & software)
    •  Position and geographical mobility
    •  Fluency in CAD 3D software



Special machines

The conception of special machines will make you react more specifictly to technical issues than your existing one.

Our conceptions will adapt your specifications noted by optimizing his utilization and manufacturing cost.


Our automatism design office will identify with precisions schemes or electrical components.

We will live up to your expectations in robotics, machinery...

Mechanical engineering

& service delivery

From the definition of specification notes to project studies or design tools, we are able to engineer  all mechanical components.

We can also help you in modelling parts or engineering machines on a place in full-autonomy

Industrial design

Tech3d create, innovate, and improve industrial machine design to optimize performances.

Professionalism, experiences, proximity & expertise

Freddy HAGEN, conceptor, project manager and technical director,

 created the firm in January 2010.


The main proof of our professionalism is our degree in mechanical engineering with our experiences

Take over studies work & calculation in mechanical engineering.


Through years of experiences in the sector of special machines, Tech 3D delivering services of industrial engineering in diversified
sector as : automobile, aeronautics,  telecommunications, production of electricity, steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, machine-tools industry, food industry...


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Company Seat

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Freddy HAGEN

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Workshop & Design Office

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Julien PETRI